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Client Reference

“Your Expertise and professionalism were great assets to the planning of our mission. We want to thank you for the integral role you played in ensuring that the mission ran smoothly.  We appreciated your tireless efforts to take care of so many of the details that made this mission so successful.”

— Ms. Loretta O’Connor, Executive Director, Council of the Federation Secretariat

“Your knowledge of the food industry suggestions and recommendation has been extremely helpful. Your interest in the fishing sector and the courtesy and cooperation have extended is truly appreciated.”

— Mr. Michel Audet, Regional Director, Fisheries and Ocean Canada

“I truly appreciate your interest in providing a continued presentence in the China market and look forward to working with you in the near future. highly recommended to organization and companies throughout Nova Scotia.”Your services will be

— Mr. Stephen McNeil, former Premier of Government of Nova Scotia

“Congratulations on being chosen ‘Most Influential Figure’ in the Chinese Seafood Industry.  As a leader in the Seafood Industry, your dedicated involvement in representing us in China is well recognized and has contributed to the improvement of the seafood export industry in New Brunswick.”

— Mr. Rick Doucet, Former Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries, Government of New Brunswick

“the calibre of meetings you have organized for both myself and New Brunswick’s business delegates is exemplary and I am confident that our province will benefit from the many relationship established during the course of the mission.”

–Mr Victor Boudreau, Former Minister, Government of New Brunswick

“I would also like to commend you and the members of your staff at Atlantic Canada Business Network on a very thorough and well-organized program for the New Brunswick business delegation. The delivery of your services has proven to be very efficient and professional.”

–Mrs. Shawn Graham, Former Premier of Government of New Brunswick

“As a follow up to our recent trip to China, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the hope to date from ACBN and your staff both in Canada and In China. The trip itself was very well organized. The individual contacts that made seem to be solid sales leads that, upon further work, have a good chance of turning into future business.”

–Mr. Darren Zwicker, Director of Marketing, J.D. Irving Limited

“For any organization considering pursuit of the Chinese market (and you absolutely should if you aren’t ready!) – I’d strongly recommend leverage the knowledge and expertise of ACBN (Atlantic Canada Business Network).  This New Brunswick consulting group was engaged by the Province to organize and facilitate both trade missions to China.  They have a specialization in the Chinese market with local people on the ground in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai.”

— Mr. Adam Harris, Managing Director, C-Therm Technologies Ltd.

“The mandate was to define business opportunities and promote business relationships in China, and I believe with your network of contacts and advance preparation we successfully accomplished this important first step towards a positive business relationship between this region’s wood products producers and Chinese importers.”

–Ms. Diana Blenkhorn, President and CEO, Maritime Lumber Bureau

“I am writing this to thank you for the great work that you and your team did for us before, during and after the 2008 China mission. I would recommend ACBN to anyone who is interested in doing any type of business with China.”

–Ms. Jody Williston, Marketing Director, Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd.

“Our members enjoyed your presentation, your comments were insightful and interesting, and allowed a better understanding of the issues at hand.”

— Mr. Mark Arsenault, President and CEO, New Brunswick Forest Products Association

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